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Wet Paintbrushes

The Arts

Washington's hidden gem of arts, Prosser offers a wide variety of activities and events for all kinds of art enthusiasts.  The historical Princess Theatre puts on a number of theatrical plays and seasonal movie showings every years, and is available as a unique venue for public and private events.

If you're looking for a chill night of great music, stop by one of Brewminatti's many live music events. Brewing up a yummy cup of coffee and hosting musicians from all over the country, you are sure to find a drink and show to satisfy your tastes at Brewminatti.

For those that prefer a more hands-on experience, Bunkhouse Studios brings out your inner potter. Located in the historic Mercer Building, the Bunkhouse offer an inclusive space for locals and visitors to channel their creativity through pottery. Their Guest Classes also allow you to try your hand at other crafts, like wreath making.

Prosser also offers many yearly events and shops featuring local artisan creations, making it the ideal place to indulge in the arts with your friends and family!

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